Sakaris Stora


Sakaris Fríði Stórá
28 07 1986.
Skopun, Faroe Islands

Acting class for Vetrarmorgun at my grandfathers house



Sakaris Fríði Stórá (1986) is born and raised in the small town of Skopun in the Faroe
In 2007 he moved to Norway to study film at the Nordland College of Art andFilm
After finishing filmschool, he moved back to the Faroe Islands to work as a writer
and director to pursue his goal, to give the faroese language and culture a place in

Sakaris is also experienced in teaching at courses for film and video,
giving actor classes, casting and  working on fish factory


At the set of Vetrarmorgun. Photo by Miriam&JanusAt the set of Vetrarmorgun. Photo by Miriam&Janus



2013 : Vetrarmorgun (Winter Morning) 19 min. short fiction, Fish&Film, Faroe Islands
2012 : Summarnátt (Summer Night) 17 min. short fiction, myself, Faroe Islands
2012 : Viva la Vendetta 52 min. documentary, 200/tutl, Faroe Islands
2009 : Passasjeren (Passenger) 9 min. short fiction, Nordland College of Art and Film, Norway
2008 : Ikaros 7 min. short fiction, Nordland College of Art and Film, Norway

yesReceiving award


2013 6 month artist grant, for working with writing and directing, Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Faroe Islands
2012 the Geytin award for best faroese film, the Nordic House, Faroe Islands
2011 Mentanarvirðisløn landsins, award for young artist of the year, Mentamálaráðið, Faroe Islands
2010 The Golden Egg, best shortfilm by upcoming director for Passasjeren, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland